Prices & Packages

We have various packages for Admissions, Toddler, Online Merchandise, Special Attractions & Birthday parties that offers access to the various attractions we offer. Group events & Weekly specials are coming soon.
Please make sure to read the details of each as height, age and weight restrictions may apply for some.

All prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. Current pricing effective from August 2022.
There is never any entrance fee. Any person not participating in activities does not need to purchase a package.

Admissions Packages

We have 4 simple Admission packages that offers access to the various attractions we offer.


$25 / person

Time Limit : 1 hour


$35 / person

Time Limit : 1.5 hrs


$45 / person

Time Limit : 2 hrs


$60 / person

Unlimited Day Pass

Toddler Package

We have also a package that offers access to the various attractions we offer for Toddlers.


(Age 3 & Under)

$15 per Kid
Time Limit : 1 hour

Toddler Zone warnings & play rules -

Must follow the following rules & restrictions while your kid is in the Toddler Play Area.

Our Special Attractions

We have following special attractions that we offer for you.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Car

Maximum collision but minimal impact. Neoprene covered bumpers that reduces “G” force impact. No Getting Stuck! Dual joy-stick lever controls: Spin 360 degrees, Forward, Backwards. No “boxed in” corners. No Whiplash! High back rest and cushioning protects the upper body, neck, and head.

Hologate - VR

VR Arena

Play together as a team or challenge your friends to a player vs. player competitive match. This ever-growing game library ensures a broad appeal to all audiences and fun for everyone.
Reinforced with popular blockbuster game titles and a vast selection of other games.

FunHub Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls

The ultimate vertical obstacle course. Climb and jump across a challenging course while securely harnessed from above on an auto belay. Climb to the highest heights on the thrilling climbing walls. Test your balance and strength, racing to the top in record time against your friends.

Ropes Course

Ropes Course

FunHub Action Park brings you this New Action Attraction. Participants challenge and conquer personal fears and anxieties and gain personal achievements at the higher level. Challenge your friends for a view from above. Stand in a higher ground. A great Team-Building Action Attraction. Height Requirement of 52 Inches.

Birthday Party Packages

We have 2 birthday packages that offers access to the various attractions we offer.

**Weekdays all Birthday Parties will get a $50.00 Discount.

Platinum Birthday Party

Package Price $399 (Total Time - 2 Hours)
Up to 10 Kids (Extra Kid $30 Each)

Ultimate Birthday Party

Package Price $499 (Total Time - 2 Hours)
Up to 10 Kids (Extra Kid $35 Each)

Group Events

We will have various special events (work, camps, schools, field trips, fundraisers, private park rental etc.) that offers access to the attractions we offer.
Please call us at (413) 438-6482 to get the updated info for this.

Weekly Specials

More Coming Soon ...

FunHub Action Park LOGO

Glow in the dark

Coming Soon ....

Sensory hours

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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Toddlers only

Coming Soon ....

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